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Attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. offers services in international dispute settlement and resolution for political, cultural, communication, and other disputes between nations, tribes, cultures, ideologies, political subdivisions, or any other groups with different viewpoints.  Such disputes can sometimes become incredibly complex, with multiple parties, interests, and factors affecting the situation. 

International courts, legal systems, and existing international enforcement mechanisms may not always be sufficient to resolve a dispute that continues indefinitely and touches on so many areas, at great detriment to both sides.  Attorney Daniel Bakondi is available for consultation and exploration of possible solutions in a role as consultant or mediator, depending on the circumstances, in areas including the following:


International conflict and dispute mediation and resolution services

A number of different services may be helpful in trying to bridge gaps in understanding between different groups that have a complex international or local dispute who are in search of resolution.   A dispute may be served by a neutral party guiding negotiations, a consultant or group of consultants to guide one or both the parties' negotiations, help outlining potential terms of a resolution, agreement drafting, or identifying enforcement mechanisms.

International dispute conflict mapping

​With complex disputes, the ability to map out and illustrate a conflict in order to communicate its properties, causes, and potential resolutions may be valuable toward peace building, because understanding is valuable in seeking a resolution between two or more viewpoints.  However, there may often be disagreement on how such a process may be guided.  The proper system for mapping such a dispute for greater understanding and resolution is a key ingredient.  

International dispute conflict settlement negotiations 

​Many times one or more sides of a dispute need help understanding, organizing, their needs and possible outcomes in order to resolve a dispute.  A negotiator is a translator between what many want and what they can combine into a reasonable outcome, a negotiator is a translator between two or more parties, a negotiator is a problem-solver, and an advocate.   

Communication and understanding between international tribes, cultures, ideologies and political viewpoints 

Today's world is often guided by imperfect political systems, imperfect education systems, imperfect communication systems, and many more obstacles that stand in between resolution. Our wealth of different groups, tribes and cultures is a strength and value of humanity, but often results in obstacles at the same time.  The ability to understand all the systems involved, and their imperfections and challenges, to work through differences is key to seeking resolution.   

International peace-building negotiations 

Human nature's most best and least best show itself in various ways in different international conflicts and disputes.  The ability to resolve these matters and improve the lives of all parties is something that carries forward generations.  

Contact now by email for a free consultation in this area to discuss your needs and paths to possible resolution.  Services only offered where such services may lawfully be provided, and in no waydoes this constitute an offer to provide services where local laws or licensure requirements are applicable.  Countries where people or groups may benefit from such services may include, subject to local restrictions, if any: