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"Mr. Bakondi is a poised and brilliant young man who asked extensive questions to get at the crux of the situation. I was continuously amazed at the fine/pertinent points that Mr. Bakondi dug out of the years of files I had provided him. He quickly filed legal action I would call impressive in its fact-finding, background research, and arguments. In subsequent attorney communications and motions, I saw this astounding incisiveness over and over again. More than once I remarked to him how glad I was that he was not the other side's attorney! In forecasting the time, phases, and expenses of the case, Mr. Bakondi was also unerring. While the entire process took over a year, I never once had the feeling that he was not in complete control of the situation. In consultations, he always had all of the options and their consequences ready at hand, along with his recommendations. Not once did he make an inaccurate forecast or give bad advice. When the case concluded successfully, he tied up all the loose ends as meticulously as everything else he had done." 

"Once again you never stop amazing me in your expertise, knowledge, proficiency, 

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"We hired Daniel Bakondi to represent us in a property rights lawsuit, and we could not have made a better choice.  Daniel is the consummate professional - brilliant, hard-working, clear-thinking and knowledgeable while, at the same time, patient and unflappable.  He worked tirelessly on our behalf, but always took the extra time to explain every detail of our case and every available option.  I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone who needs a good, honest and dedicated property rights attorney."  J&B A


"Daniel Bakondi recently helped my business. He went above and beyond to research every detail of the case, help me examine all my options, and determine the best course. he is a true thinking attorney. Thank you so much Daniel for being so detail oriented and going above and beyond to take care of your clients!" CG


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"I found him very detailed oriented, and knowledgeable of our rights, explaining in detail the up and downs we would face in our quest for justice. Our case was a very complex case. He always explained every turn and twist in our case, went into detail about his strategy and anticipating the next couple of moves the other side may make.  Any documents or paperwork needed to bolster our case was done in a timely manner. Any filings to the courts were done on time and he explained the reasons. Whenever there were questions he had for us, he did not hesitate to call as well as him being available to call and to ask questions and get answers. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody seeking an attorney who truly cares about his clients and winning the case."AB

Sexual harassment civil litigation attorney Daniel A. Bakondi's top goal is provide the highest quality legal services and prevail in the courtroom, offering representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court litigation, and AAA, JAMS, and FINRA arbitration.  Our focus is finding solutions to the most difficult and complex lawsuits in the areas of sexual harassment, sexual assault, including high profile cases and parties.  

If you have questions for a sexual harassment attorney, please contact our office for a consultation.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Attorney 

Attorney Daniel Bakondi and his team are here to represent the interests of both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of high-value sexual harassment and sexual assault cases.  In the Bay Area, we handle court litigation in San Francisco Superior Court, Marin County Superior Court, Alameda Superior Court, Contra Costa Superior Court, San Mateo Superior Court, and San Jose Superior Court, as well as Northern District of California Federal Court.  If you may have a substantial financial loss or a business dispute, contact us now for a free consultation.  

As a sexual harassment attorney, what is the basis for a sexual harassment lawsuit?  

Sexual harassment claims are typically divided into two categories.  Quid pro quo is a this for that situation where the victim endures harassment or must do something inappropriate as a condition of

certain benefits, such as a promotion or raise.  Often such conditions of employment, advancement or other work place benefits are not express or written, but are implied from conduct or suggestions.  As sexual harassment attorneys, we are often able to piece together what happened or did not happen from the surrounding evidence.  

How much is a sexual harassment claim and lawsuit worth, and what are damages? 

In California, if you were denied a promotion or raise as a result of sexual harassment, you may be entitled to back pay, including wages, bonuses, and retirement benefits, stock options and profit sharing.  If you lost your job as a result, including constructive termination, meaning the conditions got so bad you were forced to quit, you may also be responsible for front pay, meaning compensation going forward until you can obtain a similar job in the future.  You may also be entitled to compensatory or punitive damages, though these amounts are limited depending on the size of the company.  And, there may be attorneys fees to the prevailing part of sexual harassment lawsuits, including court costs.  Now if you lost a large or lucrative business contract as a result of sexual harassment, there may be significant damages there as well.         

Are employers liable for the sexual harassment of employees?

Employers in California do face vicarious liability for sexual harassment claims of their employees, meaning the company does have liability as a general rule to encourage employers to prevent such conduct.  There may be an affirmative defense to vicarious liability of sexual harassment claims if the employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and correct promptly any harassing behavior, and employee unreasonably failed to take advantage of any preventive or corrective opportunities provided by the employer or to avoid harm otherwise.  Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth, 118 S. Ct. 2257 (1998), and Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, 118 S. Ct. 2275 (1998).  

What to do if someone is falsely accusing you of sexual harassment?

Regrettably, false accusations of sexual harassment take away from legitimate claims' credibility, but they do occur.  Collecting evidence of what happened, or what did not happen is part of the process and must be done strategically, and with the advice of counsel when possible.  

How can you prove an alleged sexual harassment incident actually occurred? 

As a civil litigation defense attorney, Attorney Bakondi provides the best, most focused, strategic, representation possible to protect our clients' vital interests.  Attorney Bakondi carefully analyzes a lawsuit to determine if it has merit or is frivolous. Some lawsuits can be dismissed without trial upon motion to the court, and others may be negotiated to resolution once the proper steps have been taken.  If you or your business has been named or served in a lawsuit, you need a civil litigation defense attorney to represent and advise you about your rights and how to proceed.  You have a very limited time to respond before loss of your rights.  

AAA and JAMS arbitration attorney and mediation representation in sexual harassment allegations   

Increasing numbers of sexual harassment complaints are required to be brought in AAA arbitration or JAMS arbitration, which opens up opportunities and avenues for attorneys familiar with the arbitration process and how arbitrators think.  Some employment and business contracts require mediation as a prerequisite to court or arbitration, and other times a mediation is a very fruitful way to resolve a dispute if the two sides are willing.  These opportunities for resolution are best served by attorneys who understand all sides of the claims, the dispute, positions and interests.   

What makes a good sexual harassment attorney?

Besides experience in this area of civil litigation, and a good understandings of how to prove sexual harassment did or did not occur, sexual harassment cases require a strong understanding of the surrounding business environment.  It is important to know the business interests of all parties involved, including superior, other employees who may or may not be aware of the harassment, principals in the company, human resources, shareholders, the board of directors.

If the employees' superiors were aware of the sexual harassment and failed to properly act, or if the company failed to provide education or have an effective sexual harassment policy in place, these are just a couple of examples of how decisions regarding the handling of sexual harassment claims may be affected.  Such decisions may also depend on the nature of the business, the relationships with other businesses, organizational structure and ongoing projects.

Daniel Bakondi represents plaintiffs and defendants, and provides a problem-solving strategic approach as a sexual harassment litigation attorney putting the interests of the client first.

If you have a case, contact us for a free consultation now.



Our vision is simple: To provde the highest quality legal services and prevail in the courtroom.

 We take on just, right, and noble causes, for respectable clients who genueinely need the legal system to obtain justice. Faithfulness, loyalty, and dedication to our clients is paramount.  We believe in honesty and integrity in the legal profession, and that the attorney-client relationship should be one of trust and confidence.



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