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Securities Fraud Litigation Attorney
  • Business and investment loss recovery
  • Securities and investment fraud

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"Best of the Best: I hired Daniel a year and a half ago to help with an investment gone wrong. I felt him to be an attorney who is committed to justice and takes pride in all his endeavors. He has the integrity and dedication to follow through and make the process as painless as possible. Daniel guided me to a conclusion in a situation that was very difficult to do. I feel he is the best of the best of young and up and coming attorneys in the city." M.F.


"Daniel Bakondi is an attorney who is devoted to his clients. He is knowledgeable, expedient, and meticulous about details. He is honest and provides his clients with a realistic evaluation of their expectations. He doesn't waste your time. Daniel Bakondi is the attorney who will be in your corner all the way." N.T.

"Mr. Bakondi is a poised and brilliant young man who asked extensive questions to get at the crux of the situation. I was continuously amazed at the fine/pertinent points that Mr. Bakondi dug out of the years of files I had provided him. He quickly filed legal action I would call impressive in its fact-finding, background research, and arguments. In subsequent attorney communications and motions, I saw this astounding incisiveness over and over again. More than once I remarked to him how glad I was that he was not the other side's attorney! In forecasting the time, phases, and expenses of the case, Mr. Bakondi was also unerring. While the entire process took over a year, I never once had the feeling that he was not in complete control of the situation. In consultations, he always had all of the options and their consequences ready at hand, along with his recommendations. Not once did he make an inaccurate forecast or give bad advice. When the case concluded successfully, he tied up all the loose ends as meticulously as everything else he had done." 

The Law Office Of Daniel Bakondi
870 Market Street, Suite 1157
San Francisco CA 94102 


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Phone: (415) 450 - 0424
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Attorney Bakondi successfully settled a representative complex litigation action in the Superior Court of California representing the public interest of the people of the state of California.  Mr. Bakondi received court approval of the settlement, which was finalized with the cooperation of  the office of the Attorney General.  In this private attorney general action brought by Mr. Bakondi, he successfully litigated and brought a corporation with yearly revenues exceeding $20 Billion into compliance with California health and safety codes.  Mr. Bakondi and his team received congratulations from the presiding superior court judge for being able to resolve the matter.  It is noteworthy that Mr. Bakondi's persistence, including in bringing the matter to the court of appeals, and willingness to take the lawsuit as far as necessary for justice facilitated a successful outcome.


Mr. Bakondi recently settled a securities arbitration case representing investors who were sold a series of bad investments.  Mr. Bakondi and his team recovered a $1-Million-dollar-plus settlement for his clients without his clients ever having to attend trial, allowing them to recover for a lost investment that represented a lifetime of hard work.

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This site was last updated July 31, 2017

Nothing herein constitutes legal advice or a legal opinion and no attorney-client relationship is created unless expressly stated.  Your issue may be time sensitive and may result in loss of rights if you do not obtain an attorney immediately. Attorney licensed in California state and federal courts and engages in FINRA securities arbitrations nationwide.  

Do you have a large scale multi-million dollar business, securities or investment loss?

Did your investment lose value, stop paying, or go into bankruptcy or foreclosure, or signal that it may?

DId a broker, advisor, brokerage firm or financial institution cause or cause you a large, multi-million dollar financial loss?  If you have millions of dollars in loss or devaluation of your investment or portfolio, we are interested in hearing your case. 

San Francisco-based securities lawyer Daniel A. Bakondi Esq. has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for his clients in securities fraud and investment loss recovery actions, and is regarded as a leading plaintiff's lawyer in this field.  

Securities fraud attorney services representing:

  • Individuals

  • Trusts

  • Corporations

  • Institutional investors

  • Non-profits

  • Funds

  • Retirement accounts

  • Public and private employees, entities, and agencies

Our securities fraud attorney services include litigation, arbitration, and mediation against stock brokers, financial advisors, investment banks, NASD/FINRA registered reps and broker dealer firms, and other entities.
Attorney Daniel Bakondi fights for and protects the rights of investors in a wide variety of securities and investment lawsuits. 


Our investment loss recovery litigation cases based on securities fraud include:


  • stocks, bonds, funds, annuities or other investments

  • Investment fraud 

  • Organizational and shareholder disputes

  • Shareholder litigation and derivative Suits 

  • Stock and business ownership disputes

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations

  • Securities fraud litigation against sponsors

  • Class action lawsuits for securities law violations

  • Failure to do due diligence

  • Sale of unregistered securities

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Churning and overtrading

  • Lawsuits for unauthorized trades

  • Insider trading

  • Self-dealing

  • Manipulation of stock options

  • Insider loans


Investment loss recovery matters may involve fraud, abuse, negligence, breach of duty, or manipulation of:

  • Public non-traded REITs

  • TIC Tenant in Common 1031 property investment

  • Leveraged ETFs exchange traded funds

  •  EE savings bonds

  • Municipal treasury bonds

  • Loan funds

  • Bond funds

  • Secured bond funds

  •  Hedge funds

  • Annuities in tax-deferred IRAs

  •  Futures

  • Collateralized debt obligations

  •  Currencies and currency manipulation lawsuits

  •  Stock price drop lawsuits

  • Commodities

  • Options

  • Municipals

  • Retirement accounts/retirement plan investments

  • SEC/Whistleblower lawsuits

  • Non-conventional and unconventional investment loss (NCIs)

  •  Non-trading and illiquid securities

  • High-yield investments


Your right to a recovery through a lawsuit or arbitration claim may derive from:

  • Biased stock and investment recommendations

  • Too risky/speculative investments

  • Unsuitable investments

  • Failure to do due diligence

  • Material omissions and misrepresentation

  • Breach of contract

  • Securities fraud

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Bad/negligent recommendations

  • Malpractice

  • Ponzi scheme

  • Pyramid scheme

  • Bad sponsor manager

  • Failure to diversity


Securities law firm services also include:

  • FINRA mediation representation services

  • FINRA claims against broker dealers, investment advisors, financial advisors 

  • Arbitration claims from filing through hearings

  • FINRA arbitration of tenancy in common/tenant in common (TIC) investments

  • Lawsuits/claims against brokers, investment advisors for failure to do due diligence

  • Claims against brokers, investment advisors for breach of fiduciary duty

  • Claims against brokers, financial advisors for selling an unregistered security

  • Claims for selling unqualified securities, unregistered securities, to non-accredited investors

  • Prospectus Fraud

  • State/Federal securities law violations

  • Violation of industry practices 

  • Failure to inform of tax consequences

Some investigations include:


  • TNP Thompson National Properties REIT/Non-Traded REITs 

  • Oil/Gas investment losses

  • Scott Rothstein Investment Losses

  • Auction Rate Securities Investment Losses

  • Citigroup MAT and ASTA Fund Investment Losses

  • Oppenheimer Bond Funds Investment Losses

  • Morgan Keegan Mutual Funds

  • RMK Funds Investment Losses

  • Provident Royalties / Shale Royalties

  • Diversified Lending Group

  • UBS/Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes

  • MedCap Fraud

  • Prime Capital

  • Guaranteed investments

If you have a question or would like a consultation, please contact Attorney Daniel A Bakondi by email at

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