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 "Survival lawyer" - Emergency, survival, and contingency relationships attorney
  • Contingency contracts and relationships take effect during SHTF
  • Agreements with farms, ranches, landowners for food, resources, hunting, room and board, shelter during emergencies and relocations
  • SHTF lawyer for survival twotwawki emergency agreements and relationships

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Survival during a long-term emergency is not going to be easy. You may be relocated, there may be supply disruptions, your plans may not go accordingly, and your supplies and resources will only go so far.


To survive, whether alone or with your family, you will need relationships with others in a time when money may not be accepted, or there may be hyperinflation or confiscation, or when credit cards, bank, or other technology may not work. And, there may be substantial competition for those relationships during an emergency.

It is wise to prepare for those relationships now.


When a disaster strikes, most agreements and relationships go out the window because of what are called a “force majure clauses” meaning many contracts are automatically voided in case of disaster, emergency, or "act of God". Most agreements do not anticipate emergencies and supply disruptions and thus the "intent" of the agreement does not extend to many traditional agreements. Most agreements do not anticipate being transacted in gold or silver.

In a time of emergency caused by:

- Long term natural disaster

- War or nuclear war

- Civil unrest

- Supply disruption

- Technological calamity 

- Pandemic

- Economic collapse

- Hyperinflation

- Evacuation

- Other disaster or calamity

People will be looking for emergency re-locations, for fresh food, and to build relationships with suppliers such as:

- Land owners

- Farms

- Ranches

- Growers

- People with natural and other resources

- People with bug-out locations, retreats, camping locations 

"Survival Attorney" Daniel Bakondi focuses on legal agreements and relationships intended to be carried out in the event of unfortunate disaster, war, civil unrest, supply disruption, and other calamity. These include supply and resource relationships with farms, ranches, rescue services, locations, security people, hideouts and bugout locations, and other helpful people and resources. The agreements are legally designed and intended to remain in effect and be exercised by one or both parties in an emergency. They may be paid by deposit in advance, or predetermine acceptable terms for payment in gold, silver, digital currency, or other barter or trade goods or services in return.


In other words, it is not enough to have silver or gold. It may also be helpful to have a pre-established relationship and a set price.

Agreements written for disaster and emergency scenarios provide ability to have relationships in place ahead of time that you may utilize in case of emergency:


Examples: (amounts are examples only)


  • A contract with a farm or ranch that during an emergency or disruption, you have the right to buy one pound of meat per week for one ounce of silver, and you have first priority over other buyers.

  • A contract with a farm that during an emergency or disruption, that you and your family may stay on the farm or a ranch with room and board for five ounces of silver per week, and you have first priority. 

  • A contract with a land owner that during an emergency or disruption, in case of war you can stay on, camp on, or hunt on the land, prepaid or for one ounce of silver per week, with first right of refusal.

  • A contract with the owner of a bunker that you place a deposit now, and during an emergency or disruption, you and your family can stay there for 5 ounces of silver a week. 

  • Agreements with fisherman or hunters that in an emergency or disruption, they will give you right of first refusal to buy, for example, up to 5 pounds of meat/fish a week for 1 once of silver per pound.


  • Agreement with a farm, ranch, or other property owner to be allowed to work on the property, and be paid three ounces of silver a day, and you also have the right to room and board at a cost of one ounce of silver per day.

  • Agreements for sharing, pooling of resources, and talent.

  • Agreements for community or group resource sharing, dispute resolution, decision-making, and cooperation during a long-term emergency. 



Why form such relationships now?


Simply, because in a disruption or emergency, many rules go out the window. Cash may not be available, prices may change, resources may be in great demand or limited supply. Many people may be competing for such relationships. Resources and supplies may quickly sell out. A pre-existing contract or relationship could be a lifesaver.

Establishing relationships ahead of time for goods, resources, and services helps stability and security of both parties. You don’t know what prices will be in an emergency. You don't know what supplies will exist. You don’t know if those with resources will be sold out, or have government confiscate whatever they are not under pre-existing contract for. In which case, a pre-existing contract can be a lifesaver.


Suppliers, landowners, and producers benefit from receiving compensation for these relationships ahead of time in the form of a deposit, if that is what the parties decide. Suppliers may get resources now so they can have more resources on hand in case the need arises. Agreeing to accept gold or silver ahead of time allows all parties involved to plan for emergency financial relationships when cash and credit cards may not available.


Some may want multiple such relationships. Imagine knowing you have the option to stay at one ranch with a filtered well and emergency supplies in Montana, and another in Texas, depending on your evacuation needs when disaster strikes. Perhaps one is local and one far. Perhaps one is in a strategic location on the way to your dugout location.  

Survivalist relationship agreements and property sharing agreements. 


Legal services may include:


- Drafting and customizing agreements (you reach out to other party to initiate and build relationship). 

- Drafting and customizing agreements for both parties (helping you agree to relationship and terms). 

- Attorney representing you in reaching out to other potential parties to build and negotiate relationships (From initial contact to agreement formation and execution, other side may have their own attorney).

Who might you want to build survival relationships with?

- Land owners

- Farmers

- Ranchers

- Growers

- Fisherman

- People with boats

- People with horses

- People with natural and other resources

- People with bug-out locations, retreats, camping locations

- People with wells or access to clean water on their property

- Security personnel

- People with knowledge, skills, and resources 

- People who are stocked up for emergencies, preppers

- People with bunkers, caves, or other secure locations

- People with campers, trailers

- People with medical training

- People you want on your survival team

- People with radios or communication equipment

Building such relationships ahead of time may solve many problems like not knowing what resources you will need, not having the money to buy a bug-out location, and not knowing where you might be relocated to.

Contact attorney above for more information.

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