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civil business trial attorney
business civil lawsuit trial attorney
Business litigation attorney
California business litigation attorney
Good Business litigation Attorney
San Francisco Business Litigation Attorney and Business Litigation Defense Attorney 
  • Corporate, shareholder/stockholder ownership partnership litigation attorney
  • Breach of contract, commercial and business dispute lawsuit attorney
  • Business rights, trade secrets and intellectual property litigation attorney
  • Business, financial and investment fraud litigation attorney 
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"Best of the Best: I hired Daniel a year and a half ago to help with an investment gone wrong. I felt him to be an attorney who is committed to justice and takes pride in all his endeavors." M.F.


"Daniel Bakondi is an attorney who is devoted to his clients. He is knowledgeable, expedient, and meticulous about details. He is honest and provides his clients with a realistic evaluation of their expectations. He doesn't waste your time. Daniel Bakondi is the attorney who will be in your corner all the way." N.T.


"Mr. Bakondi is a poised and brilliant young man who asked extensive questions to get at the crux of the situation. I was continuously amazed at the fine/pertinent points that Mr. Bakondi dug out of the years of files I had provided him. He quickly filed legal action I would call impressive in its fact-finding, background research, and arguments. In subsequent attorney communications and motions, I saw this astounding incisiveness over and over again. More than once I remarked to him how glad I was that he was not the other side's attorney! In forecasting the time, phases, and expenses of the case, Mr. Bakondi was also unerring. While the entire process took over a year, I never once had the feeling that he was not in complete control of the situation. In consultations, he always had all of the options and their consequences ready at hand, along with his recommendations. Not once did he make an inaccurate forecast or give bad advice. When the case concluded successfully, he tied up all the loose ends as meticulously as everything else he had done." 

Business Litigation Attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. vigorously fights for clients' interests in business litigation and arbitration cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, in state court litigation, federal court litigation, AAA arbitration, JAMS arbitration, and Finra securities arbitration in all areas of business, property, and securities lawsuits, providing: 


Corporate litigation attorney representation ​

Business litigation may involve corporations, limited liabilities, partnerships, nonprofits, and other entities, from the closely-held to the publicly traded.  To resolve business and corporate lawsuits, an attorney needs to understand the interests of shareholders, the board, the CEO, the CTO, the CFO, and other principals, how they relate to the organizations’s goals, and the corporate entity.

Commercial disputes litigation attorney services

​Commercial and business disputes are a part of doing business.  They can take the form of contract matters, business relationships, various business and property rights and more.  When parties have long-standing business relationships and find themselves in a high value business dispute, such matters can sometimes be resolved through negotiation when the interests of business partners, competitors, and government regulators can be properly assessed, and stakeholders communicated with.  When they cannot be resolved through negotiation, the role of a good commercial dispute litigation attorney is to put the law on your side, and the court on your side.  

Stockholder, organization, partner, shareholder and owner dispute and fraud litigation

​Small and large corporations find themselves in disputes related to shareholder rights, and in need of a good business litigation attorney to represent their interests.  Shares of stock carry rights, and value, and duties owed by the corporate entity.  Violation by the corporation of these rights, improper dilution of shares, improper transactions, self-dealing, and other such corporate transactions can result in litigation which requires a law firm skilled at handling such matters. Partnerships can hit disputes when an organization grows, changes structure, receives new capital, or brings on new people and resources.  If someone is not getting the deal they were promised, which they are entitled to, the matter can turn to a dispute that becomes litigation if not resolved quickly. 

Breach of fiduciary duty to minority shareholders lawsuit counsel 

The power to manage a corporation does not negate the rights of minority shareholders, who can be forgotten, even in closely held and small corporations.  

Breach of contract litigation attorney services

Contract disputes often arise in business, and can entail millions of dollars in damages.  Such breaches of contracts often involve business rights, including resource, mineral, technology rights, or loans that have not been repaid for various reasons.

Litigation to enforce contracts or recover damages for breach of contract ​

Typically a breach of contract allows for damages, unless there are special grounds to require specific performance.  The parties to the contract have the duty to mitigate damages, and to deal in good faith.  When litigation arises, contract interpretation, and enforcing a contract in court are best handled by business litigation law firms who know how to present the case simply and clearly to the court.  


Derivative suits attorney representing minority shareholders ​

When a corporation’s board does not act in the interests of the shareholders, the shareholders can bring a derivative suit on behalf of the corporation.  Such litigation can be complex and difficult, begging the obvious question of why the board did not pursue the action if it is in the corporate interests.    

Defamation, slander and libel lawsuit attorney services ​

Defamation, both slander and libel, involve the making of false statements that cause harm to financial interests, and have very specific requirements, and exceptions which protect speakers of certain communications and falls outside of actionable speech.  As a defamation litigation attorney, it is critical to understand the factors of that determine whether culpability exists or not, such as who the speaker is, the nature the communication, the subject matter, who the subject of the communication is, and who it is communicated to and why.  


Intentional and negligent interference with contractual relations attorney services​

Third parties’ interference with contract formation or performance can create actionable liability depending on the circumstances, including whether it falls outside the bounds of fair competition and involves some additional harmful conduct. 


Fraud, deceit, constructive fraud, and fraudulent inducement of a contract​ litigation

As a litigation attorney engaged in wide variety of business and securities fraud lawsuits and arbitrations, it is important for allegations of fraud to not be thrown around lightly.  Fraud is generally the intentional misrepresentation of a material fact that someone relied on to their detriment.  There are distinctions between what constitutes fraud and simply a breach of contract, and proving someone’s intent to defraud can be complex.  However, when properly done, it can give rise to punitive damages.  

False advertising class action lawsuit attorney services

False advertising is something that can affect consumers on a large scale, and is often litigated as a class action.  If you believe there is a large scale false advertising by a major corporation and are willing to bring litigation as a class representative, please contact our firm.  

Unfair competition litigation law firm services​

California provides a number of mechanisms to address unfair competition and violations of anti-trust law, which are business practices which reduce competition and harm consumers.  Federal anti-trust laws include conspiracies to unreasonably restrict trade, selling at below cost to harm competitors, and price-fixing. Attempted and actual monopolization may also be actionable.


Unlawful and unfair business practices​ law firm representation

The violation of the law by a business or an individual in business can constitute grounds for a lawsuit based on unlawful or unfair business practices - California Business and Professions Code Section 17500.  The unfairness requirement means conduct other than simply harmful to a competing business, like separate wrongful conduct which gives an unfair advantage. 


Negligence, breaches of duty, and malpractice actions​


Negligence is an act or failure to act pursuant to a required standard of care, which harms a party.  The standard of care and duties of care will vary depending on the circumstances.


Stock and business ownership dispute litigation attorney

Failure to follow rights granted by stock or stock options, failure to grant stock when due, and other stock ownership disputes can and do arise in business requiring representation by a law firm who can help achieve the best results.  Authorization to issue stock must follow proper corporate governance procedures.  In a sweat-equity deal, or when stock is offered as part of an employment or other business relationship, disputes over stock can often result in litigation.  Likewise when a party is improperly denied the right to sell stock, cash out, or transfer shares. 


Mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations litigation attorney​

Mergers, acquisitions, and other extraordinary corporate transactions can often leave a tail of litigation in their wake.  While transactions are often structured to reduce litigation, the surviving entity will often be liable for the debts and liabilities of the previous entities, regardless the agreement between the corporate parties.  Asset purchases that attempt to thwart continuing liability by purchasing most or all of the assets of a corporation can result in a de-facto merger, where the law will affix liability on the purchasing entity.  


Securities fraud litigation attorney

As a securities fraud litigation and arbitration attorney, this area involves a broad web of federal law securities, state securities law, and often the rules governing the specific issue, such as broker conduct in the purchase and sale of securities.  Failure to follow proper procedure during a sale of securities can create per se liability, including stock of a corporation, even a closely held corporation.  Whether a share of an entity constitutes a security will depend on the nature of the interest.    


Class action lawsuit attorney

Class actions are lawsuits where many victims have commonalities that can be brought to court by a representative victim whose case is similar to the others, and is willing to represent the class.  A court must certify that the requirements for a class action are met to represent the class.


Intellectual property litigation attorney 

Intellectual property litigation attorney services may include representation of plaintiffs or defendants with rights ranging from copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technological rights, non-compete agreements, nondisclosure, or other business rights.  Corporate espionage is on the rise today, and theft of technology and business rights, and improper conduct related to such rights requires smart and aggressive counsel.    

Commercial real estate litigation attorney

As a commercial real estate litigation attorney, our law firm provides the full scope of representation for commercial real estate litigation and arbitration. 

Our law firm also provides the full spectrum of lawsuit litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation services in the realm of digital currencies as a Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency litigation attorney.  

Our law firm also works on a variety of attorney fee arrangements including flat fee and fixed monthly fees for litigation and arbitration. Other arrangements can be made for mediation representation.

Contact now for a free consultation in any area of business and corporate litigation attorney services to discuss your case and resolving it the best possible resolution in your interests. 

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