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Civil litigation defense attorney
Civil defense attorney
Business litigation defense attorney

Civil and business litigation defense attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. provides a strong and strategic defense to protect your vital interests.  We represent clients providing the full scope of attorney services in California state court, federal court, and AAA Arbitration, JAMS Arbitration, and Finra Securities Arbitration. 

Our civil and business litigation defense law firm is here to represent you whether you are a business, individual, organization or trust.  If you or your business have been named in a civil lawsuit, if you have been sued or are about to be sued, you must obtain an attorney immediately. The law limits how much time you have until you default, lose your rights, and the other side may obtain default judgment without you having a day in court, and regardless the merits of your defense.  

Lawsuits often lack merit and may be dismissible by motion to the court.  Other times, the other side did not properly assess the merits of their own case, your case or rights, or the strength of your defenses and options. Do not rely on the other side's attorneys to seize opportunities

to negotiate or resolve the case amicably.  

If you have been sued, contact business and civil litigation defense attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. by at 415 450 0424 or email at

Biggest mistakes civil litigation defense attorneys make:

Figuring out what to do if you have been sued can be difficult enough, especially if your attorney makes one of these classic mistakes:

1. Not thinking the whole case through at the start.  Many defense attorneys, especially in business litigation defense, will have knee-jerk reactions, to bring a demurer or motion to dismiss, or take other action which may seem attractive at the time, without thinking ahead.  The points and arguments made in any pleading can then be used against the client later by the other side. 

2. Not focusing on the clients' interests.  As Plaintiffs' counsel, I have seen countless instances where defense counsel refuses to negotiate, likely because they have not properly advised their client, and ends up costing their client far more in the end.  Many settlements on the eve of trial are far more costly than the case could have settled for at the outset, or even prior to filing a lawsuit, and that may not even include attorneys' fees. 

3. Too many attorneys working on a case.  Especially in bigger firms, a team working on a litigation matter can have drawbacks.  One attorney going to court, a newer associate doing the legal research, another newer associate drafting the pleadings, and someone else speaking with the client.  Each one will miss nuances necessary to the case. 

4. Not getting the whole truth from their clients.  An attorney-client relationship is one of trust, and the attorney must know the whole truth to be able to properly protect the client.   

5. Relying on a lawsuit defense strategy decision tree.  Lawsuits are fluid, and you cannot rely on attractive-sounding templates to guide you. 

6. Misjudging a lawsuit.  Even frivolous lawsuit defense requires precise counsel and defense strategy.  Many times an obscure authority, unusual or surprising facts, or a judge's misunderstanding will cause even a frivolous lawsuit to advance further than necessary.  Understanding how lawsuits work practically in the real world is crucial.

If you have been sued, please contact business and civil litigation defense attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. by at 415 450 0424 or email at

For more information on what to do if you or your business has been sued or served with a lawsuit, or is about to be sued, click here.

For more on business litigation defense attorney and lawsuit defense law firm services we offer, click here. 

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"Best of the Best: I hired Daniel a year and a half ago to help with an investment gone wrong. I felt him to be an attorney who is committed to justice and takes pride in all his endeavors." M.F.


"Daniel Bakondi is an attorney who is devoted to his clients. He is knowledgeable, expedient, and meticulous about details. He is honest and provides his clients with a realistic evaluation of their expectations. He doesn't waste your time. Daniel Bakondi is the attorney who will be in your corner all the way." N.T.


"Mr. Bakondi is a poised and brilliant young man who asked extensive questions to get at the crux of the situation. I was continuously amazed at the fine/pertinent points that Mr. Bakondi dug out of the years of files I had provided him. He quickly filed legal action I would call impressive in its fact-finding, background research, and arguments. In subsequent attorney communications and motions, I saw this astounding incisiveness over and over again. More than once I remarked to him how glad I was that he was not the other side's attorney! In forecasting the time, phases, and expenses of the case, Mr. Bakondi was also unerring. While the entire process took over a year, I never once had the feeling that he was not in complete control of the situation. In consultations, he always had all of the options and their consequences ready at hand, along with his recommendations. Not once did he make an inaccurate forecast or give bad advice. When the case concluded successfully, he tied up all the loose ends as meticulously as everything else he had done." 

"Once again you never stop amazing me in your expertise, knowledge, 
experience and your loyalty, amazing work Counselor" 


"Daniel is a creative attorney, who brings passion his cases and  is willing to advocate new and interesting legal concepts for his clients"SS

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