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Mr. Bakondi currently represents the San Francisco Patrol Special Police force and Patrol Special Police Officers' Association against the San Francisco Police Department and the City and County of San Francisco in a $100+ million dollar lawsuit against the City and Conty of San Francisco - one of the largest claims ever brought against the City.  Please direct press inquiries to

Mr. Bakondi recently successfully settled a representative complex litigation action in the superior court of california representing the public interest of the people of the state of California.  Mr. Bakondi received court approval of the settlement, which was finalized with the cooperation of  the office of the Attorney General.  In this private attorney general action brought by Mr. Bakondi, he successfully litigated and brought a corporation with yearly revenues exceeding $20 Billion into compliance with California health and safety codes.  Mr. Bakondi and his team received congratulations from the presiding superior court judge for being able to resolve the matter.  It is noteworthy that Mr. Bakondi's persistence, including in bringing the matter to the court of appeals, and willingness to take the lawsuit as far as necessary for justice facilitated a successful outcome.

Mr. Bakondi recently settled a securities arbitration case representing investors who were sold a series of bad investments.  Mr. Bakondi and his team recovered a $1-Million-dollar-plus settlement for his clients without his clients ever having to attend trial, allowing them to recover for a lost investment that represented a lifetime of hard work.


Securities and Investment Fraud Attorney

Tenant in Common TIC 1031 Investment Property Loss Attorney

FINRA Arbitration Attorney



"Mr. Bakondi is a poised and brilliant young man who asked extensive questions to get at the crux of the situation. I was continuously amazed at the fine/pertinent points that Mr. Bakondi dug out of the years of files I had provided him. He quickly filed legal action I would call impressive in its fact-finding, background research, and arguments. In subsequent attorney communications and motions, I saw this astounding incisiveness over and over again. More than once I remarked to him how glad I was that he was not the other side's attorney! In forecasting the time, phases, and expenses of the case, Mr. Bakondi was also unerring. While the entire process took over a year, I never once had the feeling that he was not in complete control of the situation. In consultations, he always had all of the options and their consequences ready at hand, along with his recommendations. Not once did he make an inaccurate forecast or give bad advice. When the case concluded successfully, he tied up all the loose ends as meticulously as everything else he had done." M.A.

"Best of the Best: I hired Daniel a year and a half ago to help with an investment gone wrong. I felt him to be an attorney who is committed to justice and takes pride in all his endeavors. He has the integrity and dedication to follow through and make the process as painless as possible. Daniel guided me to a conclusion in a situation that was very difficult to do. I feel he is the best of the best of young and up and coming attorneys in the city." M.F.

"Daniel Bakondi is an attorney who is devoted to his clients. He is knowledgeable, expedient, and meticulous about details. He is honest and provides his clients with a realistic evaluation of their expectations. He doesn't waste your time. Daniel Bakondi is the attorney who will be in your corner all the way." N.T.

San Francisco litigation attorney Daniel A. Bakondi Esq. has obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for his clients in complex and high-profile civil litigation and arbitration.

Attorney Bakondi and his team fight for plaintiffs' and claimants' rights in business, real estate, securities and investments, environmental and government law matters.  Mr. Bakondi represents businesses, trusts, individuals, organizations, business owners, property owners, investors including high net worth individuals and institutions, government employees and agencies in seeking recovery for wrongful financial losses and rights violations.

Attorney services include: 

  • Complex civil litigation

  • Real estate and real property

  • Business and corporate law

  • Government, city, county and municipality lawsuits

  • Environmental litigation

  • Securities and investment litigation and arbitration

  • Fraud and investment loss recovery

  • FINRA arbitration attorney services

If you have a question or would like a consultation, Attorney Bakondi requests that you please contact him by email at

Securities Fraud Attorney for Investment Loss Recovery from Investment Fraud and Financial Advisor Errors

If you have millions of dollars in unexpected investment losses, or a significant portion of your portfolio or retirement, it may not be your fault.  Your broker or financial advisor will not tell you what rules, laws, and industry standards he or she may have violated - but we will. 

Failure to do due diligence before approving an investment for sale, failure to diversify, "overconcentration" into one asset class, breach of fiduciary duty/breach of loyalty, failure to disclose all material facts and risks, and failure to properly assess the investor's goals and recommend appropriate investments are very common breaches of the relationship of trust between investors and investment professionals.  Securities transactions often involve misrepresented or undisclosed facts or risks.  Such acts may constitute securities fraud or investment fraud, stock broker fraud, broker misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty or other violations. 

Mr. Bakondi's practice involves an array of complex stock broker, financial advisor, and broker-dealer malpractice in both securities litigation and arbitration.  Mr. Bakondi and his team seek investor compensation for:

  • Securities fraud lawsuits

  • Securitized real estate/tenant in common 1031 TICs investment losses

  • Non-traded REIT (real estate investment trusts) investment losses

  • Alternative investment and non-conventional investment losses

  • ETFs investment losses

  • Stock market losses

  • Loan funds, investment notes, bond funds, commodities, churning, options lost money

  • Stock price drop losses and stock manipulation

  • Stockholder rights violations

  • Auction rate securities
  • Oil/Gas TICs
  • Commodities losses
  • Complex derivatives
  • Penny stocks
  • Options
  • Sale of unsuitable, overly risky, or speculative investments arbitrations

  • Any other large investment or trading loss

Only a knowledgeable investment fraud attorney can tell you whether the broker breached industry practices and the law.  Such breaches cost investors millions. 

As a FINRA Arbitration Attorney, Daniel Bakondi brings dozens of lawsuits nationwide in court and FINRA securities arbitration for investment losses, and often recovers cash settlements for investors.   FINRA Arbitration is a lower-cost dispute settlement forum created by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) formerly NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers).

Mr. Bakondi also litigates matters involving unregistered securities and unlicensed sale of securities.  For details, and an assessment of your case, please contact Mr. Bakondi for a consultation. 

If your investment has suffered any dramatic and unexpected loss in value, whether stock, mutual fund, ownership of a corporation, interest in a reit,or other investment, based on any information or misinformation, you should be aware of the law regarding your circumstances.

Mr. Bakondi often takes many cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning he only gets paid a percentage of the cash recovery you receive.    

FINRA Arbitration Attorney for Tenant in Common TIC 1031 Investment Property Loss Recovery

Attorney Bakondi has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for investors in Tenant in Common TIC 1031 investments in FINRA arbitrations.  TICs are highly speculative investments and only suitable for investors who are willing to risk and lose their entire principal.  However, because of the high commissions paid to brokers and financial advisors, many of these TICs were recommended and sold to retirees, elderly, and unsophisticated investors who were not looking to speculate, and could not afford to lose their investment.

Mr. Bakondi has helped many investors recover money for 1031 Tenant in Common TIC investments that are either reducing distributions, not paying distributions at all, or facing cash calls or foreclosure.  It is often not the fault of management, but the broker and broker-dealer who failed to assess the risks, and sold an overpriced and overleveraged investment with a mortgage the property could never pay back without proper due diligence.  Most major brokerage houses never offered such TIC investments to their clients.  Many broker-dealers who did approve such investments for sale to their customers did so through negligence or securities fraud.

You must act immediately.  The time to file a claim will expire, preventing you from receiving a cash settlement you may otherwise be entitled to
in a recovery action for your investment loss.  As a FINRA arbitration attorney, Mr. Bakondi has litigated and successfully obtained million-dollar judgments against brokers and investment firms who have improperly sold securities in violation of state and federal securities laws.        

San Francisco Bay Area Litigation Attorney

Mr. Bakondi's law firm represents clients in a variety of complex and multi-million dollar business, real estate, environmental, and government law suits throughout California, including San Francisco Superior Court, Marin County Superior Court, Alameda Superior Court, Contra Costa Superior Court, San Mateo Superior Court, and San Jose Superior Court.

Government Litigation Against Cities, Counties, and Government Agencies

Attorney Bakondi engages in litigation against government entities, representing both plaintiffs suing, as well as defending parties being sued by cities, counties, local governments or government agencies, as well as representing government employees, agents, and local agencies in lawsuits against a city or county.  Mr. Bakondi has represented plaintiffs suing the City and County of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Daly City, and has representing defendants who were sued by the City and County of San Francisco and the City Attorney's office in multiple matters, including several highly-politicized lawsuits. 

Environmental Litigation Law Firm Engaging in Safe Drinking Water Toxic Pollution Law Suits

Mr. Bakondi and his associates engage in environmetal litigation, including private attorney general civil actions enforcing laws, including health and safety codes, representing the interests of the people of the state of California, including against multi-billion dollar corporations that expose people to toxic substances or allow toxic substances onto land and water under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act or other environmental laws. If you are seeking an environmental law firm, please contact us for a consultation. 

San Francisco Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Daniel Bakondi works on a wide array of real estate litigation and real property litigation matters in San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, around the Bay Area, and throughout California in addition to representing clients in real estate matters in arbitrations nationwide.  Mr. Bakondi represents individuals and businesses, plaintiffs and defendants, in matters including

  • residential and commercial real estate litigation

  • quiet title actions

  • property rights, deed and ownership lawsuits

  • commercial and residential landlord tenant law and lease disputes

  • representation of restaurant owners

  • construction and real estate development project lawsuits

  • premises liability

  • lis pendens

  • asset transfers/bulk sales

  • regulations including setbacks, subdivisions, ABC licenses

  • TROs/injunctions

  • Unique and complex property rights

Mr. Bakondi has also successfully represented clients in boundary and property line disputes, adverse possession (also known as squatters' rights or ownership by prescription), easements (prescriptive easements, easements by necessity), inverse condemnation of property/wrongful takings by government in violation of the California Constitution Article 1 Section 19, nuisance and trespass of property rights.

San Francisco Business Litigation Attorney

As a San Francisco business litigation attorney, Mr. Bakondi engages in:

  • corporate litigation

  • stockholder and shareholder litigation

  • breach of fiduciary duty such as duty to minority shareholders
  • litigation over breach of contract, recovery of damages and contract enforcement

  • mergers and acquisitions litigation

  • derivative suits

  • defamation, slander and libel
  • intentional and negligent interference with contractual relations
  • fraud, deceit, constructive fraud, and fraudulent inducement of a contract
  • false advertising
  • unfair competition, unlawful and unfair business practices
  • negligence, breaches of duty, and malpractice actions

California Class Action Attorney

Daniel Bakondi is looking for strong class action cases that not only serve a class of plaintiffs, but serve the public good.  If you believe you may have a California or nationwide class action suit, please contact Mr. Bakondi via email.

Best Securities Litigation Attorney

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The Law Office Of Daniel Bakondi
870 Market Street, Suite 1157
San Francisco CA 94102

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